How to Ride the Subway

The directions for using the subway are the same for both the Karasuma Line and Tozai Line.
Trains on both lines have the "line color." The Karasuma line is represented with green color. From the Kokusai Kaikan Station to Takeda Station, there are 15 stations on the Karasuma line (13.7 km) and it takes about 27 minutes from the start to end. The Tozai line, representing with red color, has 17 stations (17.5 km) between Rokujizo Station and Uzumasa Tenjingawa Station, taking about 35 minutes.
Each station is indicated with number. The Karasuma line is represented with "K" and the Tozai line with "T."

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Buying a Ticket

  • 1) Find the fare to your destination on the board above the machine.
    Check the price with the route map above the ticket machine. It's easy to use the line color and station number mentioned above.
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  • 2) Ticket machines have "English instruction" button. Press this button and indications will appear in English.
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  • 3) Insert cash into the ticket machine. No credit cards accepted. Payment with cash only. More than one ticket can be bought at the same time.
  • 4) Press the button depicting the correct fare for your destination .
  • 5) Take the ticket.

[Get on the Train]

  • 1) Insert the ticket or card into the automatic ticket gate. Don't forget to take the ticket or card after passing through the gate.
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  • 2) Descend to the platform by using the stairs or elevator. Check the board and confirm the direction of the train. In some stations where the platforms are separated, it may be necessary to go up to the concourse again to reach the correct platform if a mistake in direction has been made.
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  • 3) There is a digital sign above the platform which shows the train's direction as well the departure time in both Japanese and English.
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  • 4) There are platform doors in place at Tozai Line stations so as to avoid accidents. The platform door opens first followed by the train door.
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Getting out from the station

  • 1) Put the ticket or card into the ticket gate machine and go through the gate.
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  • 2) Go to the fare adjustment machine if you need to pay extra before going through the ticket gate. If you put wrong fare ticket to the machine, the gate will not open and the alarm will ring.
    Use the fare adjustment machine and receive an adjusted new ticket to get through the gate.
    The machines have "English instruction" button. Press this button and indications will appear in English.
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