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September 2017


〔Seasonal Events〕>>>
〔Event Highlights〕>>>
〔Seasonal Flowers〕>>>

Bush Clover Festival in Early Autumn

Bush Clover Festival17-09-1.bmp
Sept. 16 (Sat.) - 18 (Mon., national holiday) (TBA)
Nashinoki Shrine
People hand a piece of paper on bush clover tree on which they write their wishes. Kyogen comic play, traditional dance and harp music will be performed at Haiden (prayer hall). Tea ceremony will be offered during the festival period (TBA).
Tea ceremony: 800 yen, 1,500 yen (with a plate of bush clover design) (TBA)
Access: Kyoto City Bus #17, 205 "Furistu Idai Byoin-mae"

Bush Clover Festival17-09-2.bmp
Sept. 17 (Sun.) (TBA)
Ryozen Kannon
The bush clover festival that is held at the base of Ryozen mountain of Higashiyama area.
Entry: 2,000 yen (amulet, lottery, a light meal, entry to Kodai-ji Temple are included)
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206 "Higashiyama Yasui"

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〔Seasonal Events〕

Kamigamo Maple Leaves Dance & Song
In early Sept.
In front of Ichino Torii-mae of Kamigamo Shrine (Kamigamo Kaikan Hall in case of rain)
This event is designated as a Kyoto City's intangible folk cultural property, and its traditional dance was used to be performed at the garden of the Kyoto Imperial Palace.
This event is open to the public.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #4 "Kamigamo Jinja-mae"

Goko-gu Shrine Noh Performance
In late Sept. (TBA)
Goko-gu Shrine
Noh, Shimai and Kyogen theatre performances will be performed on the Noh stage in the precinct. The performance has a long history and regarded as one of the major autumn events in Kyoto.
Entry: advanced 3,000 yen / on the day 3,500 yen (as of last year)
Access: Kintestu Kyoto Line "Momoyama Goryo-mae" or JR Nara Line "Momoyama" or Keihan Railway "Fushimi Momoyama"

Kamigyo Takigi Noh Performance17-09-3.bmp
A day in late Sept. (TBA)
Shiramine Shrine (held at Kongo Noh Theatre in case of rain)
Harp play and several school's Noh theatre performances are scheduled to be played.
Entry: on the day 2,500 yen / advanced 2,000 yen (as of last year)
Access: Kyoto City Bus #9 "Horikawa Imadegawa"

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〔Event Highlights〕

Special Autumn Opening & Special Exhibition

Special Opening of the Flower Ceiling17-09-4.bmp
Sept. 8 (Fri.) - Dec. 3 (Sun.)
Hiraoka Hachiman-gu Shrine
*Closed: Oct. 1st & 7th-9th.
The ceiling of the main hall is adorned with 44 colorful flower paintings from the Edo period.
Entry: 800 yen
Access: JR Bus "Hiraoka Hachiman"

Autumn Special Opening of the Toji Temple Treasury17-09-5.bmp
Sept. 20 (Wed.) - Nov. 25 (Sat.)
The temple's treasury is a full of valuable properties of the esoteric Buddhism of Japan. Every year, a certain exhibition theme will be decided and some temple treasures chosen from around 15,000 pieces will be exhibited.
Entry: 500 yen (Homotsu-kan treasury hall only)
Access: Kintetsu Kyoto Line "Toji"

Hon-bo (Main Temple) of Daitoku-ji Temple Special Opening17-09-6.bmp
Sept. 16 (Sat.) - Oct. 15 (Sun.) (TBA)
Hojo (abbot's quarter; national treasure) and the Karesansui (dry landscape) garden will be open to the public. The all eighty of folding screens within the Hojo hall were all painted by Kano Tanyu. Hatto hall's renowned dragon painting will be open to the public as well.
Entry: 800 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206 "Daitokuji-mae"

Shogo-in Special Opening
Sept. 16 (Sat.) - Dec 10 (Sun.) (TBA)
Gorgeous wall paintings at the main hall painted by the Kano school and the temple's main statue of Fudo Myo-o, Shoin (formal guest room) built by Emperor Gomizuno-o, along with the important cultural properties in the main hall, will be altogether exhibited.
Entry: 800 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206 "Kumano Jinja-mae"

Refreshing Autumn Wind - Late Summer Noryo Yuka
Feel the chatter of fresh river float and cool wind while enjoying the dining. In the town or mountainous town, this is a great opportunity to enjoy the Kyoto's seasonal treat.

Noryo Yuka on Kamo River17-09-7.bmp
May 1 (Mon.) - Sept. 30 (Sat.)
On the west bank of Kamo River, between Nijo and Gojo
In May, at the start of summer, restaurants along the banks of the Kamo River erect large wooden platforms, called Noryo Yuka, one of the best summer highlights of Kyoto. On the west bank of Kamo River, between Nijo and Gojo Street, over 100 restaurants and drinking places set up the Yuka.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, 17, 205 "Shijo Kawaramachi" or "Kawaramachi Sanjo"

Kawa-doko in Kibune17-09-8.bmp
May 1 (Mon.) - Sept. 30 (Sat.)
Along Kibune River
*Opening period of the Kawa-doko varies depending on the restaurant.
Kibune is a small village located on the northeastern mountain in the city. Taking special seats set on the wooden platform above Kibune River is such a great experience. Kibune's refreshing and cool air will let diners forget hot and humid summer climate in Kyoto.
Access: From Eizan Railway "Kibune-guchi," take Kyoto Bus (running every day) to Kibune

Kawa-doko in Takao17-09-9.bmp
Early April to late November
Along Kiyotaki River
*Dinner is available from early June to mid September only.
Takao is a village which is blessed with beautiful valley and fresh stream. Enjoy authentic Kyoto cuisine on the Kawa-doko wooden platform above the river while appreciating seasonal beauty of natural surroundings.
Access: JR Bus "Yamashiro Takao"

Keiryo-yuka in Shozan
April 28 (Fri.) - Sept. 30 (Sat.) (TBA)
Takagamine Shozan Resort Kyoto
In the huge and beautiful Japanese garden in Takagamine area, northern Kyoto city, Yuka river side platform will be set up by Kamiya River. Seating in a tranquil and refreshing Japanese garden, enjoy superb Kyoto cuisine.
Access: From Subway Karasuma Line "Kitaoji," take Kyoto City Bus Kita #1 to "Kitakonohata-cho"


Ukai Cormorant Fishing in Arashiyama17-09-10.bmp
July 1 (Sat.) - Aug. 31 (Thurs.)
Boat ride: 19:00-21:00 (shared-boat departure time: 19:00 & 20:00)
*No operation on Aug. 16 (Wed.)
Sep. 1 (Fri.) - Sep. 23 (Sat., national holiday.)
Boat ride: 18:30-20:30 (shared-boat departure time: 18:30 & 19:30)
(18:30, 19:30 after Sept. 1)
Ukai is a traditional fishing method using cormorants which was read in the ancient poem of 9th century by Narihira Ariwarano. Ukai performance in Arashiyama is one of the most attractive summer events in Kyoto. In the dim light of torches, fisherman release trained cormorants to the Oi river and catch fish. This is a joyful night to enjoy the dinner in a spacious boat and to watch the performance of Ukai.

[Shared Boat]
Boat ride: 19:00 & 20:00 (18:30 & 19:30 after Sep. 1)
Fee: 1,800 yen (adults) *1,600 yen for people wearing yukata summer kimono.
900 yen (children: 4-12 years old)

[Reserved boat (reservation required)]
Duration: about 2 hours; Bringing-in food is allowed.
Fee: 40,000 yen for 10 passengers
70,000 yen for 20 passengers
Access: Kyoto City Bus #28 "Arashiyama Koen"


Mount Hiei Stamp Rally 201717-09-11.bmp
Sept. 23 (Sat., national holiday) - Oct. 22 (Sun.)
This is a grand stamp rally going around the Mount Hiei and its surrounding Enryaku-ji Temple, other halls and Lake Biwako, and other historic sites.
"Where to get stamps"
Eizan Cable Railway "Yase" Station, Tou-do Konpon Chudo Hall, Sai-to Shaka-do Hall, Minemichi Restaurant, Yokawa Chudo Hall, L' Hotel de Hiei, Garden Museum Hiei, Saikyo-ji Temple, the previous Chikurin-in, Hiyoshi Taisha, Cable Sakamoto Station, Otsu Port, Yumemiga-oka, Shiga-in Monzeki Temple, etc.
Access: Keihan Bus, Kyoto Bus bound to Hiei Sancho "Enryaku-ji Bus Center"


The Harvest Moon Viewing - This year will be October 4th (Wed.) 17-09-12.bmp
"Autumn Moon Viewing Tea Ceremony Party" at Kodai-ji Temple
Fri., Sat. & Sun. of Sept. 8 (Fri.) - 24 (Sun.)
This temple was built to pray for the soul of the famous warlord, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, by his wife, Kita no Mandokoro also known as Nene. Tea ceremony to enjoy the beautiful night filled with Kyoto's elegant mood will be held (reservation required by the previous day of 16:00).
Fee: 6,000 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206 "Higashiyama Yasui"


Hassaku Festival
Sept. 3 (Sun.)
Matsuno-o Taisha Shrine
Ceremony: from 10:00
After offering the prayer for good weather and also happiness for the families, Sumo wrestling dedicated for the deity, will be held. Sagano Rokusai Nenbutsu Buddhist performance (chanting prayers while dancing) will begin from around 16:00. Women's mikoshi (portable shrine) procession is scheduled to be held as well.
Depart the shrine at 8:30 → Funa-togyo (transfer god by boat on the river) near Togetsu-kyo Bridge → back to the shrine around 15:00
Access: Kyoto City Bus #28 "Matsuno-o Taisha"

Choyo Festival17-09-13.bmp
Sept. 9 (Sat.)
Kurumazaki Shrine
Japanese ancient music and a dance performance putting chrysanthemum flower on the head will be elegantly performed. After the festivities, a celebratory sake will be offered.
Access: Kyoto Bus #71, 72, 73 "Kurumazaki Jinja-mae" or Randen Arashiyama Line "Kurumazaki Jinja"

Choyo Ritual and Karasu Wrestling17-09-14.bmp
Sept. 9 (Sat.)
Kamigamo Shrine
A humorous ritual, which people dressed in sacred white costumes being disguised as white crows and answering to each other resembling birdsong, will be held. After the ritual, children's sumo wrestling match will be taken place.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #4 "Kamigamo Jinja-mae"

Choyo Seasonal Ritual
Sept. 9 (Sat.)
Kokuzo Horin-ji Temple
September 9th is the Chrysanthemum Festival day. Drinking water drops from the chrysanthemum flower is believed to keep one's health and longevity. A ceremony of traditional song and dance will be held as well.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #28 "Arashiyama Koen" or Hankyu Railway "Arashiyama"

Mitakari Festival
Sept. 10 (Sun.)
Oharano Shrine
This festival has about 300 year history. The sumo wrestling by elementary students dedicated to the god, praying for rich harvest, will be performed.
Access: From JR "Mukomachi," take Hankyu Bus to "Minami Kasuga-cho"

Kiyomizu Seiryu-e - Kannon Kaji -17-09-15.bmp
Sept. 14 (Thurs.), 15 (Fri.)
Kiyomizu Temple
From 14:00
A huge puppet of blue dragon manipulated by dozens of people will go around the temple precinct with blowing a conch shell.
Entry to the temple: 400 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206 "Kiyomizu-michi"

Yoshitsune Festival
Sept. 15 (Fri.)
Kurama Temple
This festival is to commemorate Yoshitsune Minamoto. Yoshitsune, also known as "Ushiwakamaru" once lived in Kurama for about 10 years from the age of 7. The Buddhist ceremony will be held from 11:00, and afterwards, the martial art performance will be dedicated to the deity.
Fee: 300 yen
Access: From Subway Karasuma Line "Kokusai-kaikan," take Kyoto Bus to "Kurama"

Iwashimizu Festival17-09-16.bmp
Sept. 15 (Fri.)
Iwashimizu Hachiman-gu Shrine
This festival used to be one of Japan's Sanchokusai festivals (three great festivals designated by Japan's imperial court), together with the Kamo Festvial (Aoi Festival) and Kasuga Festival held in Nara. The grand procession consists of about 500 people.
Access: From Keihan Railway "Yawata-shi," take Otoko-yama Cable to "Otoko-yama Sanjo"

Toyokuni Shrine Annual Festival - Kencha Festival -
Sept. 18 (Mon., national holiday), 19 (Tue.)
Toyokuni Shrine
The festival is held to commemorate the day when famous warlord, Hideyoshi Toyotomi past away. On the annual festival date, the Japanese ancient music and dance will be dedicated. On the 19th, a tea ceremony will be held by Yabunouchi tea school.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206, 208 "Hakubutsukan Sanju Sangendo-mae"

Free Opening of Shin-en Garden17-09-17.bmp
Sept. 19 (Tue.)
Heian Shrine
8:30-16:30 (doors closed)
This is an annual free opening day of the shrine's Shin-en Garden, which is to commemorate the reconstructing day of the garden. Bush clovers, thoroughwort flowers and other autumn flowers and plants will be in the best time.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, 100 "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan/Heian Jingu-mae"

Dai Hannyakyo-e
Sept. 21 (Thurs.)
Yogen-in Temple
From 13:30
The ceremony is about reading aloud of 600 volumes of Buddhist Sutra. Since the establishment of the temple, this ceremony is held annually on the 21st in January, May and September.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206, 208 "Hakubutsukan Sanjusangendo-mae"

Osuna Fumi Hoyo (Buddhist memorial service)
Sept. 21 (Thurs.) - 23 (Sat., national holiday)
Imakumano Kannon-ji Temple
Sand brought from the eighty-eight pilgrimage sites of the island of Shikoku will be paved on the ground and the prayer will step upon it with wearing the cloth that have the stamp from the pilgrimage site. It is said that the same kinds of good luck will be given to the prayer as of tour around the all eighty-eight sites.
Fee: 1,300 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #208 "Sennuji-michi"

Seimei Festival17-09-18.bmp
Sept. 22 (Fri.), 23 (Sat., national holiday)
Seimei Jinja Shrine
On the night of 22nd, a welcoming ceremony of procession holding paper lantern and Yutate Kagura ancient dance will be dedicated. On the main festival of 23rd, the music band performed by boy will take the head of the parade and about 500 people altogether with mikoshi portable shrine, will march around the Nishijin area.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #9, 12 "Ichijo Modoribashi/Seimei Jinja-mae"

Takase Canal Boat Festival
Sept. 23 (Sat., national holiday)
Surrounding of Ichi no Funairi boat dock on Takase Canal
Ichi no Funairi is a boat dock where Takase Canal begins. This annual autumn festival is held around this Ichi no Funairi. Maiko from Pontocho will join the event and tea ceremony will be offered to visitors.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #205 "Kyoto Shiyakusho-mae"

Sencha Kencha Tea Ceremony Festival17-09-19.bmp
Sept. 24 (Sun.)
Heian Shrine
Tea ceremony will be held by this year's Sencha tea school which was chosen among six tea schools each year, in front of the deity (Guests are not allowed to participate). After the ceremony, tea ceremonies will be held at the various spots within the precinct and visitors can join.
Fee: 2,000 yen for 2 tea ceremonies (Ticket available from 9:00-around 15:00)
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, 100 "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan/Heian Jingu-mae"

Comb Festival
Sept. 25 (Mon.)
Yasui Kompira-gu Shrine
From 13:00
A ceremony to dedicate gratitude for used combs that decorate women's hair will be held. From around 14:00, women including maiko who do up and adorn their hair beautifully, will parade in the neighborhood. The parade is filled with a gorgeous atmosphere with people wearing costumes and hair in each period.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #206 "Higashiyama Yasui"

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〔Seasonal Flowers〕

Opening of Flower Park Cosmos17-09-20.bmp
Early Sept. - Mid-Oct.
"Kanku-dai Amusement Park" in Arashiyama/Takao Park Way
This place is situated next to the "Kanku-dai Amusement Park" which is in the Arashiyama/Takao Park Way. More than one hundred thousand cosmos flowers will bloom on the mountain slope. Their barrier-free observation tower is a popular tourist site.
Fee: free (*although the parkway-toll will be required)
Private Car: 1,180 yen; Micro Bus: 2,940 yen; Motor coach: 4,790 yen
Access: From Shin-marutamachi to Kiyotaki-michi (about 8km from the "Arashiyama Kiyotaki-guchi" gate; About 3km from Shuzan Kaido (R162) "Takao-guchi" gate

Bush Clover in Early Autumn
Many kinds of Bush clovers bloom in early autumn in Kyoto. Especially mid-September is the best time.

《Rakuhoku Northern Area》

Kamigamo Shrine17-09-21.bmp
Flowers bloom at the bank of "Nara-no-Ogawa stream" which was read in the Hyakunin Isshu (A Hundred Waka Poems) in the olden days.
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #4 "Kamigamojinja-mae"

Josho-ji Temple
This temple's flowers remind visitors of the famous geisha, Yoshino Dayu.
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Entry: 300 yen
Access: From Subway "Kitaoji," take Kyoto City Bus Kita #1 to "Takagamine Genkoan-mae"

《Rakuto Eastern Area》

Shinnyo-do Temple
In the quiet precinct, bush clovers bloom from here to there.
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Entry: 500 yen (free of charge to enter the precinct)
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5 "Shinnyodo-mae"

Kosho-ji Temple
This is an unknown spot for beautiful bush clovers located near Shinnyo-do Temple.
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5 "Kinrinshako-mae"

Honen-in Temple
White bush clovers will make a lovely scenery. During the period, although inside of the temple building is closed to the public, there precinct is free to enter.
Best time: Early to Mid-Sept.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5 "Kinrin Syako-mae"

Nanzen-ji Temple
Bush clovers bloom in front of the Hatto hall. (Precinct is free to enter).
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5 "Nanzenji/Eikando-michi"

Heian Shrine
Bush clovers of this shrine will bloom earlier than other kinds, thus it is called summer bush clovers.
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Entry to Shin-en Garden: 600 yen
Seven autumn flowers can be viewed from late August to early October.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5 "Okazaki Koen Bijutsukan/Heian Jingu-mae"

《Rakuchu Central Area》

Nashinoki Shrine
On the both sides of the temple approach, some five hundreds of red and white bush clovers bloom beautifully.
Best time: Late Sept.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #4, 17, 205 "Furitsu Idaibyoin-mae"

Shimogamo Shrine
"Tadsu-no Mori" forest in the precinct retains the atmosphere from the Heian period.
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Access: Kyoto City Bus #205 "Shimogamo Jinja-mae"

《Rakusai Western Area》

Ryoan-ji Temple
Best time: Until late Oct.
Entry: 500 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #50 "Ritsumeikan Daigaku-mae"

Nison-in Temple
By entering the gate, visitors will be welcomed by the bush clover flower path.
Best time: Early to Mid-Sept.
Entry: 500 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #28 "Saga Shogakko-mae"

Tenryu-ji Temple
Entry: 500 yen
Access: Kyoto Bus #71, 72 "Keifuku Arashiyamaeki-mae"

《Rakunan Southern Area》

Jonan-gu Shrine
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Entry to Shin-en Garden: 600 yen
The seven autumn glasses can be viewed from late August to early October.
Access: A 15-min. walk from Subway Karasuma Line or Kintetsu Kyoto Line "Takeda"

Japanese Anemone17-09-22.bmp
Japanese anemones are one of Kyoto's representative flowers in early autumn. The best time to enjoy them is from mid-September to mid-October.

Kifune Shrine17-09-23.bmp
Best time: Mid-Sept. to Mid-Oct.
Access: From Subway Karasuma Line "Kokusai Kaikan," take Kyoto Bus bound to "Kibune-guchi" and get off at "Kibune"

Yoshimine Temple
Best time: From early Oct.
Entry: 500 yen
Access: From JR Kyoto Line "Muko-machi," take Hankyu Bus to "Yoshimine-dera"

Mallow Rose
Bright mallow roses are often associated with a beautiful woman. The flower of mallow rose blooms in the morning and withers in the evening.

Toji-in Temple17-09-24.bmp
Best time: Mid-Sept.
Entry: 800 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #50 "Ritsumeikan Daigaku-mae"

Tenryu-ji Temple
Best time: Early Sept.
Entry: 500 yen
Access: Kyoto Bus #71, 72 "Keifuku Arashiyama Eki-mae"


Sanzen-in Temple
The pale pink flowers will add a wonderful color to the stroll style round garden.
Best time: Mid-Sept. to Mid-Oct.
Entry: 700 yen
Access: Kyoto Bus #17, 18 "Ohara"

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The National Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto
"Koji Kinutani Exhibition" (tentative title)
Aug. 22 (Tue.) - Oct. 15 (Sun.)
Entry: TBA
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, 46, 100 "Okazaki-koen Bijutsukan/Heian Jingu-mae"

Kiyomizu Sannenzaka Museum
"Yatate (Brush Holder) and Tabako-ire (pouch for Tobacco)"
Aug. 19 (Sat.) - Nov. 12 (Sun.)
Entry: 800 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #100, 206 "Kiyomizu-michi"

Kyoto Butsuryu Museum17-09-25.bmp
"Buddhist Reformer of the End of the Edo & Meiji Restoration Period: Nagamatsu Seifu Exhibition"
Oct. 8 (Sat.), 2016 - Oct. 15 (Sun.), 2017
Entry: free
Access: Kyoto City Bus #50, 101 "Kitano Tenmangu-mae"

Sen-oku Hakuko kan
Special Exhibition "Beauty of Urushi Lacquer - The Weaving World of Black and Gold, Silver"
Sept. 2 (Sat.) - Oct. 15 (Sun.)
Entry: 800 yen
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5 "Higashi Tenno-cho"

Noh & Kyogen Theatre

Kyoto Kanze Kaikan
Kyoto Kanze Regular Noh Performance
(Part 1)
Sept. 9 (Sat.) From 13:00
Program: Gods appeared in myth (small talk)
Noh "Tama-no-i" "Miwa" / Shimai
Ticket: 6,500 yen (adults), 3,000 yen (students)

(Part 2)
Sept. 24 (Sun.) From 11:00
Noh "Morihisa" "Yu-gao" "Kana-wa" / Kyogen "Busshi" / Shimai
Ticket: 6,500 yen (adults), 3,000 yen (students)
Access: Kyoto City Bus #5, 100 "Okazaki-koen Bijutsukan/Heian Jingu-mae"

Kongo Noh Theatre
Kongo Regular Noh Performance
Sept. 24 (Sun.) From 13:30
Program: Noh "Shichiki-ochi" "Tenko" / Kyogen / Shimai
Ticket: 6,000 yen (adults), 3,000 yen (students)
Access: Subway Karasuma Line "Imadegawa"