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Japan is blessed with four beautiful seasons.
And Kyoto is the place where the distinct beauty of each season can be most appreciated.
Kyoto is also known for its unique climate and weather.
Here you can come to know how Kyoto's climate differs from other cities in Japan.

Four Seasons

Kyoto is located in a valley surrounded on three sides by mountains to the north, west and east. Due to this geographical feature, the city experiences extremely hot and humid summers and quite severe winters.

Spring (March-May)

Spring is most assuredly the best season to visit Kyoto. Temperatures start to rise day by day from mid-March and visitors can appreciate warm, sunny weather while exploring the outdoors.
From March, the city is colored by a variety of seasonal flowers and plants starting with plum blossoms followed by cherry blossoms, azalea, wisteria and iris all blooming in succession. The cherry blossoms are the most beloved by the Japanese and are particularly outstanding in early April. At this time, many people go out for cherry blossom viewing and it is customary to hold parties under the trees.

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Tsuyu Rainy Season (June-July)

Kyoto has numerous rainy days between early June and mid July. This season is called tsuyu and is a typical weather pattern of Japan, China, Korea and other East Asian countries. The high humidity can cause great discomfort for people who are not used to such conditions.

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Summer (July-August)

The geographical feature of having mountains on three sides most affects Kyoto's climate in summer. These mountains block any cooling winds so that the air in the city constantly remains hot and humid. One becomes covered in sweat without even moving.
Temperatures often rise above 35 degrees in mid-summer. Another characteristic of Kyoto's summer is sudden outbreaks of heavy rain and thunderstorms in the afternoons.

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Autumn (September-November)

Autumn is the other best season along with spring to visit Kyoto. Mild and sunny weather prevails on most days. People from all over Japan and the world are mesmerized by the autumn colors and the city fills up with tourists as the colors deepen.

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Winter (December-February)

Kyoto is famous for the severity of its winters which is once again due to its geographical location. Cold winds blow down from the mountains and freeze the city. Despite the cold, however, Kyoto doesn't receive much snow, though when it does the historical city covered with white snow is unforgettably beautiful.

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